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ND Slide Team Information

Each Sunday the slide team is responsible for compiling and presenting the PowerPoint deck necessary for guiding the congregation through the service at ND. Members are generally rostered for a few weeks at a time for slide service. We currently have a template available for use which steps through the service.

Each service at ND has a slightly different arrangement, for example the Epping Boys (EB) service has a single person each week compiling and running the slides on Sunday, while in North Epping Chinese (NE) the singing team provides the slides and a separate operator is required on Sunday. Regardless, let's go ahead and discuss some of the things that we all need to do.

Before the Service

Every 6 months the general ND roster is published, this includes the roster for computer slides. A person is usually rostered for a few weeks at a time. The other important team to note is the singing team, who will be either supplying the song slides (at NE) or providing lyrics (at EB). In general, if singing teams are providing lyrics only then it is required to be received by Thursday night. If this is not the case, please contact the singing team leader directly to obtain them ASAP.

Putting the Slides Together

Each service has a different standard, but there is a template in use at EB that can be used by everyone. The template is attached to this webpage.


Song lyrics are to be inserted into the slides following the order of service in the template. Here are a few hints to help achieve the best presentation:

  1. Obtain lyrics or song slides by Thursday night, if they are not emailed to you contact the singing team by looking up their details on the roaster.
  2. Try to ensure that song lyrics are large enough for the whole room to see, even those at the back.
  3. Use contrasting colours so that the words stand out
  4. Think about how it will look in the service, sometimes the projector is not capable of showing colours or details as well as the computer screen so the effect might be quite different during the Sunday service. Come earlier on Sunday and run through the whole deck on the projector to make sure it's ok.
  5. Keep words near the centre of the screen, not too high, not too low.
  6. Ensure there is copyright information supplied by the singing team, this is to be shown at the bottom of the last slide for each song.

Bible Reading

Each week a bible passage is read. The slide team generally publishes them onto the screen for easier access. Take the passage from New International Version (NIV) for English and 繁體中文和合本 for Chinese.


The slides for sermon are provided by the speaker. Insert them as-is into the deck, no modifications are required.

Holy Communion

Once a month at ND there is communion. The slides for this section are included in the template, including the lyrics of the thanksgiving song we sing after communion. By using the Presenter View ( in PowerPoint the operator can see ahead of the next slide as well as skip slides, this also allows us to use the full template without the need to remove slides each week.

Special Items

Occasionally there are audio and video items. These are generally provided to the slide operator on the day. Where this is the case, try to ensure the media is playable on the computer, as well as connecting up the computer up to the PA system. Speak with the PA operator before the service so they have time to prepare.

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