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Church on the Boundary, ND's English evening service, has been running since April 2011, and caters for young workers and their friends, although anyone is most welcome to come. The group is small and welcoming and the service has a relaxed feel. Each week there is opportunity to ask questions of the speaker during a question time after the talk, and there is also opportunity to stick around and chat with people over supper or to join in our regular dinners either at church, at a local restaurant, or at someone's home.

We meet at 5pm every Sunday our church hall, 41 Boundary Road North Epping. If you’d like more information about the service, or are interested in joining a Bible Study, please contact Doug.

Back on 8th of January PDF Print Email

We hope you can join us on Christmas day at 11am, and for the next instalment of our Galatians series on 1/1/17 also at 11am.

From the 8th of January we will be back to our normal time, at 5pm, 41 Boundary Road.

See you then!

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1 Peter @ North Epping PDF Print Email

After 2 years at Marsfield, various things have meant we've decided to move back to North Epping. So Church On the Boundary will once again be 'On the Boundary'! From 25th of October we'll be back there from 5pm Sundays, beginning with a series until the end of the year on the New Testament letter of 1 Peter.

Do join us for this series as we think about what it means to be God's chosen people, yet to know suffering is a part of our lives as we await Jesus' return.



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What: Cradle Cross Crown Choice is a four-week course where the Christian story and its importance for today's world will be clearly outlined. Join us for these talks as well as to be a part of a small group discussion each week reflecting on and discussing the questions raised from the talk.

Who: This series is for anyone who has questions about Christianity and the Bible - what can we really say about God, why does the cross still matter in the 21st Century, does Jesus have any relevance for us, and why, when we have so many different options for direction in life, should we consider the claims of the Bible?

When: We invite you to use these four weeks as an opportunity to make clear in your own mind the merit of the Christian story - please join us from the 20th of September to the 11th of October, at 11am (North Epping) or 5pm (Marsfield). The course will go for around about 70 minutes each week.

How: RSVP to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or just turn up at 11am in North Epping or 5pm in Marsfield. Hope to see you there!

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Promise, Hope and Prayer PDF Print Email

After three months in the book of Joshua, we are now moving on to the Lord's Prayer. But the Lord's prayer will be a launching-pad, as we think together about how our prayers teach us what we hope for. Do join us on Sundays as we work through this foundational prayer, and think about the fatherhood of God and his promises, and how the future he promises shapes what we hope for today.



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