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Names: John and Denise Dickson with James, Mimi and Sean
Area of service: Chiang Mai, Thailand

John's background is in music, and Denise trained as an optometrist. Both John and Denise have actively served in Chinese Christian Church Milson's Point, NDCCCS and Parramatta City Presbyterian Church in leading Sunday School, Youth groups, music ministry, pastor of the English congregation at NDCCCS and in teaching and training leaders. Since 2002 John and Denise have been teaching and training Thais to read the Bible, understand it and to teach it to others.

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Name: Christine Dillon
Area of Service: Southern Taiwan

CD has worked in Taiwan since 1999. However, she spent most of her childhood in Taiwan, Malaysia and Philippines as her parents lived in Asia from 1964-1987. Christine loves telling Bible stories and answering questions about life. She tells stories to anyone who will listen especially people in her local market and shops. She also trains others in sharing their faith, Bible storytelling and how to disciple other Christians. In her spare time she enjoys swimming, cycling, hiking and reading.


Name: Wayne, Angela and Eunice Chen
Area of Service: Taiwan - working class Taiwanese

Wayne was born in Guangzhou, working in restaurant before studying in SMBC. Then he served in Restaurant Mission for 4-years before going to Taiwan with OMF.

Angela was born in HK, trained as nurse and came to Australia for further study. After married to Wayne, she studied in SMBC and prepared for mission.

Throughout the years, they are convinced that God loves Taiwanese so much and He continues to show His favour to the Taiwanese.  They have seen God is at work in soften His people’s heart and moving more people both in Taiwan and from overseas to serve the Taiwanese working class.


Name: Jody and Lois Kubo with Aaron, Aimee, Joel, Nathan
Area of Service: Universities in Australia

Jody was born in San Jose, California. Lois was born in Houston, Texas. Both arrived in Tokyo, Japan as single missionaries in 1985, were married in 1987, were called to help pioneer a new ministry in Nagoya, Japan in 1990, passed off leadership to national staff and arrived in Sydney in Oct 2010 to pioneer international student ministry with Student Life (Campus Crusade for Christ Australia).


Name: Andrew and Melissa Morrison
Area of Service: Cowra, NSW

Andrew and Melissa Morrison are missionaries in Cowra with the Rural Ministry Support Program (RMSP). RMSP aims to partner with churches to engage and disciple people in rural NSW.

Andrew, a graduate of SMBC, is the first ministry worker to be employed by RMSP. He has been involved with the Cowra Summer Breakout mission for many years and has a passion and desire to work in rural ministry. Andrew with his wife Melissa decided to make the move to Cowra and officially started in February 2009. They have since become a family of four: Toby was born in 2009 and then Joshua in 2010.

Andrew’s weeks are spent running and participating in bible studies (i.e. a Boys Group for teenage boys and Wisdom Plus for seniors); preaching at a number of churches in the region; teaching scripture in local schools; running the ISCF group at Cowra High School; leading Kids Club, a primary youth group; and helping lead CY (combined high school Youth Group). Melissa leads a kid-friendly ladies bible study and a group for teenage girls. She also is involved with Playgroup and a Mothers group. The Morrisons attend Cowra Baptist as their home church, where they are both involved in many church activities.

Andrew and Melissa have committed to work with RMSP till the end of 2012 and are aiming to continue longer. If you would like to keep up to date with the Morrisons and pray for them, please ask to be added to their Prayer Letter mailing list.


Names: Arthur, Iris & Stephanie
Area of service: Universities in Sydney, overseas student ministry

Arthur married to Iris Leung with a twelve years old daughter Stephanie. They migrated to Sydney in 2001 from Hong Kong.

After Arthur graduated from the Morling Bible College in 2006, he had been pastoring in churches for 6 years. He had also been volunteering with Student Life (Campus Crusade for Christ Australia) for 8 years.

Arthur is the International Student Ministry team co-ordinator of Macquarie University. His main task is leading a team of workers, volunteers and student leaders to outreach thousands of international students on campus through Bible study, fellowship and evangelism. Sending disciples back to their hometown to continue the spiritual movement and building up churches are the main tasks of the ministry.

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