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For those of us who are on the "home front", we have an equally important role in God's global work and spiritual warfare by supporting our missionaries and praying for them. At ND, we encourage the support of missionaries in several contexts:

  • Prayer for missionaries during Sunday Services
  • Giving financially to the Mission Fund, by Direct Debit or Marked Envelopes during Sunday Service
  • Adoption of missionaries by Bible Study Groups/Cell Groups
  • Visiting missionaries overseas and being involved with their ministries through short-term missions
  • Sharing Meetings with missionaries on Home Assignments, or on their return

Here are several ideas that can assist you (and your Bible Study/Cell groups) in supporting ND missionaries:

Regular Personal Communication

  • Writing Letters/Email
  • Regular phone calls/Skype
  • Register your email to receive prayer letters

'Adopt-a-People': Adopt a people group which a missionary is serving amongst. Pray for that people group regularly. Raise awareness of that people group with brothers and sisters at church.

Updates at ND

  • Keeping ND up-to-date on the missionaries' progress and maintaining the awareness and interest among church members

Financial Support

  • Direct-Debit: This can ensure regular financial giving from you
  • Cash in envelopes marking them for "Missions Fund", and placing envelopes in the collection bag during Sunday service.
  • Fundraising: Please note that fundraising events are to be organized through the Missions Ministry Team, who oversees the how the money donated is distributed to missionaries

Attending Prayer meetings

  • Organized by the ND or Mission Organisation

Preparing for Missionaries Returning for Good, or for Home Assignment

  • Just 'being there': Re-entry for missionaries can often be very stressful, and they may need extensive support as they deal with culture-shock and mixed feelings of leaving their "new home". Make time to meet them, and be there to listen.
  • Organise meetings for them to share about their ministries
  • Working Bee to clean and prepare their home, donate furniture, clothes, home items, updated phonebook/contact list.

Sending Gift Parcels

  • Christmas Parcels organized by MMT
  • Gifts for Missionaries around their birthdays
  • Sending regular gifts and reading material, such as church bulletins, prayer points, newsletters
  • As a Cell Group/Bible Study group visit your adopted-missionary on the field
  • Your group can be a great encouragement to your adopted missionary, by visiting them in their place of ministry
  • Your visit can bring ministry opportunities for your missionary, which could have been difficult to pursue by the missionary/missionary family alone.
  • A short-term visit to the field can inform your prayers by providing a deeper, first-hand understanding of…
    • God's global purpose and transforming work
    • the life of a missionary/missionary family
    • the people-group/culture that your missionary is serving amongst
    • how God has used your prayers back home

Supporting family members of missionaries, such as their parents and/or children who are back home

  • Regular visits to, and helping to provide for the needs of, the missionary's parents or children who have been sent home for education
  • Being the 'second family' for children who are living away from their parents on the mission field.
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