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NDCCCS supports a number of local and international mission organizations. Below are a list of them and brief descriptions of their roles and vision in God’s global mission:


OMF International www.au.omf.org

OMF International is an interdenominational mission dedicated to the urgent evangelisation of East Asia's peoples. Their aim as an international team, is to reach the unreached, care for those who are uncared for, work with local Christians and bring Christ to East Asia in an Asian context.


Wycliffe Bible Translators www.wycliffe.org.au

Wycliffe is committed to serving with partners worldwide to have a Bible translation in progress by 2025 for every language that needs it; thereby empowering all peoples to use Scripture, establish churches and disciple believers. Therefore we need more Bible translators, literacy specialists and support workers in 90 plus countries.


Chinese Christian Mission ccmusa.org/Engl

"Reaching the Chinese to Reach the World" is our strategy to spread the Gospel. First, sharing the Gospel with the Chinese in the mission fields, then reaching out to the local people respectively. Chinese Christian Mission was founded in 1961 using literature to spread the Gospel. Today it has developed into a multi-faceted missions organization reaching the unreached through different channels.


First Light Care www.firstlightcare.org.au

First Light Care strives to promote better interpersonal relationships, personal development, marital growth and healthy family lives in the community through professional counselling, education and training. The vision of First Light Care is the development of an Australia in which people of all ages, in all their diversity are enabled to develop and sustain safe, supportive and nurturing family relationships; minimising and preventing the physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and economic costs associated with harmful behaviour and disruption to family relationships.


SOBEM www.sobem.org

Showers Of Blessing is not part of any denomination or group of independent Christian organizations, but a group of enthusiastic support from the pastors and brothers and sisters formed to assume responsibility for the gospel who have the burden of the lost soul.

Our Mission

  • By the mass media to deliver the truth of the Gospel of Christ to the Chinese people around.
  • Through television, radio, computer networks to spread the Bible, the universal truth of the Chinese.
  • Gospel witness produced videos, DVD, cassette tapes to spread the gospel, to promote throughout the world as the church's gospel tool.
  • Care hotline to give the audience appropriate care, leading to the Lord and to refer to the local church.
  • To provide audio and video for the Evangelistic Church.


Chinese Theological College Australia www.ctca.org.au

The College is the first independent Chinese theological education organization, our objectives are as follow:

  • to equip Christians to become church pastors that they may serve among the Chinese Churches in Australia;
  • to equip Christian leaders so as to become the assistance to the pastors;
  • to provide extended lay theological training to the Chinese Christians in Australia;
  • to provide in-service further studies for the Chinese pastors in Australia.


China Graduate School of Theology www.cgst.edu

An indigenous, inter-denominational, evangelical and graduate level theological institution for the purpose of training university graduates to serve the churches in China and to evangelize around the world.


  • Rooted in Hong Kong, Committed to China
  • Founded on the evangelical faith, and Upholding missionary mandate
  • Shaping holistic ministers, Nurturing mature spiritual leaders
  • Seeking excellence in scholarship, Keeping up with the times


Restaurant Mission Inc

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