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We are the kids at ND and we thought we’d let you know that even though you might not see us on a Sunday, we are here!

We’re very busy on Sundays. Going to Church is a very important part of our week, and we just wanted to share a bit about what our Sundays are like with you!

Here are some of the things we do:

  • At ten o’clock we read the Bible and do some activities that help us learn more about God and the Bible. Sometimes we get to play games!
  • Then we get a break time where we can go outside. We like this time because we like to have fun talking and playing together! During break time, some of us also borrow books from our library.
  • At 11.45am we have our children worship time. It is a bit like the grown-ups church service but it is better suited to us – there’s singing and Bible reading and activities!
  • Sometimes we join in for part of the grown up service at 11.45am - we get to hear a kids talk and join in singing with our whole church family.

We meet each week of the school year at Epping Boys High School, where our parents go to either the 10am Cantonese service or 11.45 English service.  We hope you can join us!



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